Whipple Hill Trail Map

The Whipple Hill Conservation Area is located in the southeast corner of Lexington, Massachusetts bordering on Winchester and Arlington. It consists of 120 acres of varied landscape and Whipple Hill, at 374 feet, is the highest point in Lexington and affords a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside. Two parking areas are available. One, shown at the top of the map off of Johnson Road in Lexington, and the second, at the bottom of the map, off of Summer Street. Click map for larger view. Click
here to download a printable version


David said...

Nicely done map showing contours.
Unfortunately it misses some important secondary trails on the West.

The Lexington ConCom has has more material on Whipple Hill and other areas:

David White

Don said...

Thanks, David, for your comments. I do see a couple of trails in the area between Locke Lane and Whipple Road. I'll look into adding them.

However, the ConCom map also seems to be missing some trails. For example, a route from Whipple Hill to the Summer St. parking area near the llama farm.

Jay said...

Thanks for this one, too. Things have changed on the Winchester end near Locke Pond since I left Arlington five years ago. A number of new homes have been built and several are obviously not inhabited yet. It would be nice to see this section, including the wetlands NE of the pond, on the map.

Don said...

I didn't include the section you mention on the map because it is actually not a part of the Whipple Hill Conservation area. It lies in Winchester. The farm has been partially taken over by a developer so eventually there may be more houses on that land.

E said...

thanks for the map. i had no idea there was a hidden trail head at the intersection of Summer and Lowell streets!!

I agree with what you said about not including the Locke Farm Conservation Area (Winchester).

Yes, your map is incomplete. East of Locke Pond there are two paths heading up the hill toward Edward Drive. These are noted on the Lexington Conservation Commission map:

But your map is far more informative (and readable). It seems Lexington's Conserv department's map of Whipple Hill and Winchester Conserv's guide to Locke Farm Conserv Area ARE BOTH HAND DRAWN!!!


Don said...

Thanks, E, for your comments. I'm not sure exactly which trail you're referring to which is missing. There is one trail leading from Locke Pond going uphill to Edwards Drive which I do not include because it is actually just on the Winchester side of the Lexington border and not in Whipple Hill.

You can see the border marker stone in the upper right of the map.

Afrodesia said...

On my list of visits now. My last name is Whipple so curious about the area.

Unknown said...

Excellent and detailed and readable map (although missing the trail toward Whipple Road).

If you are using smartphone, you may use my Google map in the link below.



Anonymous said...


what is everyone's take on Winchesters continued desire to develop what could and should continue to be greenspace?

Don said...

I don't know any more than what is on the WL Farm website. It appears there was a meeting on April 9th.

Margaret Butler said...

Just at Whipple Hill last week - nice area for a walk. Noticed two towers off to the west when I was at the summit - any idea where/what they are?


Margaret Butler said...

Just at Whipple Hill last week - nice area for a walk. Noticed two towers off to the west when I was at the summit - any idea where/what they are?


Unknown said...

The printable link to this map no longer works. So I can only view it as a tiny map on my monitor.